Kingdom of Flora and Fauna

Hello, everyone.
I’m Aoyama, a staff member of the Shinsaibashi store.

It’s chilly today…!
I’ve started drinking white water to warm up my body.
It’s getting more and more important to pay attention to our health.
Let’s do our best!

Now, this time, I’d like to introduce you to the “Kingdom” that I announced last time.

Kingdom” is a kingdom of rich flora and fauna.

To enter this large country, you need to open a large wooden door.

After walking through the desert, I finally found a forest with an oasis.
The traveler stands in front of the door.

Suddenly, he looks at the door and sees a keyhole that he has seen somewhere before.

…Is that the one I picked up in the desert?

It looked like someone had made it, like a key.
A relief of a plant that doesn’t look like it belongs in the desert.

I took it from my pocket and inserted it into the keyhole.

The door slowly opened with a loud sound.
In front of the traveler’s eyes, there were plants all around, birds flying about, and water flowing brightly.
The air feels humid against the dry skin.

into a kingdom that only the chosen can enter.
The traveler begins to walk again.

In the Desert and Kingdom are two stories that are connected.
Here is the key that the traveler found in the desert.

Key pendant
19,800 yen (tax included)

And the door

Gate ring
35,200 yen (tax included)

Both of them have reliefs of plants on them.

Soft, cologne and round form.
It reminds me of gorgeous nature with colorful natural stones.

You can also change the stones (some stones cannot be changed).

Since these are all simple designs.
If you want to enjoy natural stones, please have a look.

See you soon!



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