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It’s the rainy season, and it’s raining more and more these days, how are you doing?
The rainy season has started in earnest, with the rainy season being declared in Tokyo just a few days ago.

For those of you who find it difficult to come to the store due to the bad weather, we would like to offer you our best wishes.
This is the third installment of our collection introduction corner on Instagram!
I would like to introduce you to the 2004 “In the Desert Collection”.

In the Desert -Return to Nirvana-
[ The Story ]
There is a story that is told in a certain desert monastery.
The desert is a representation of God’s anger, and one day, when that anger is lifted, the time will come when the land will return to lush green overnight.

[ Features of the series ]
Primitive and rustic atmosphere
The design is comfortable to the body.

In contrast to the mystical story, the designs of this collection are often simple, and each item will change into a different atmosphere as it is used over the years.
Please take a look at some of the items in the In the Desert Collection.

Item Introduction

Tumulus Pendant:¥37,000 +TAX
Stella Pendant:¥20,000 +TAX
Planta Ring:¥25,000 +TAX
Lapis Ring Black Ruthenium coating ¥28,000 +TAX
Lapis Ring Pt900(Jewelry version)

上:Terra Bangle L:¥37,000 +TAX
下:Eclipsis Bangle L:¥42,000 +TAX

Germen Earring:¥9,000 +TAX

What do you think?
Did you see that many of the designs are simple, which is rare in recent years?
Why don’t you come and see and touch them in the store and experience their world view?

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